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Hello! I'm Jess.

I'm driven by pursuit of excellence in the areas of life I care most about:

partnership, professional excellence, and contributing to community. 

Because "we can do anything we want, we just can't do everything we want," I am consequently no good at many things, including but not limited to: mailing birthday cards to people I love, emptying the dishwasher all at once, lawn care, and selfies.

A Roundabout Healer

I've always been fascinated by relationships. 

I didn't always known I'd be a therapist.

Having come to counseling as a second career, I bring with me an ecological perspective from my training in Ecology at San Francisco State University.

From my Master's of Arts in Teaching from Stanford University and two decades experience supporting underserved students and educators, I understand how our environments shape and impact us, and I bring a commitment to honoring your learning process.

My Master's in Social Work from the University of Utah allowed me to develop skills in critical social work to see whole people in relationship with their complex worlds.

As a practicing clinician, I consistently engage in training and certification processes to perpetually tune my skills, stay current, and participate in constructive professional community. My clinical work integrates systems-thinking, human physiology and developmental biology, and honed clinical modalities to help clients find relief and construct whole, connected, enriching lives. 

In my non-clinical work, I write and build workshops to share useful ideas from psychology, neuroscience, and and other disciplines that help people understand each other. This work supports educators, people in relationships, families, and community organizing.

What's on your mind?

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