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Couple's Counseling

Paving Stones

I support partners to better understand each other,

advocate for their individual needs, and empower each other

towards win-win solutions. 

A Psychobiological Approach

I am trained in a Psychobiological Approach to Couples' Therapy (PACT).

PACT utilizes Attachment Theory, Neurophysiology, and Skill Building

to help you to build -- or re-build -- a secure-functioning relationship.


Attachment Theory

Attachment theory is about how we are "built." It helps us understand how we process relationship stress, and how we impact our partner.

Understanding our partner's attachment needs helps us see things from their perspective, frees us from taking things as personally, and encourages us to be courageous and creative.


When we understand how our nervous systems work, we can stop fighting against them. PACT builds self- and partner-awareness around co-regulation strategies to keep the stress in your relationship low.


Skill Building

PACT teaches concrete ideas, approaches,

habits and practices to support you to build

a solid foundation for your relationship.

Sessions are used to practice skills that you can continue into your lives well beyond the session's end.

PACT - Frequently Asked Questions

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