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Working with Jess

Selecting high quality professional development is essential.

Here are some clients' perspectives to help you decide if working Jess is right for you and your organization. 


Dr. Tabitha Buehler

I count myself very fortunate to have had Jess as a colleague and mentor for some years now. She is kind, wise, and has a calming presence. She has been an amazing coach for me in developing evidence-based teaching practices, but I feel that I have learned the most from her through her examples of active listening and caring communication that are just part of her nature. I am more intentional in all aspects of my life now, largely thanks to her influence.



I cannot say enough wonderful things about Jess! She supervised me while I worked as a special education teacher (before and during the pandemic) for two years. I also took two trauma based instruction and leadership courses with her. Her support and classes were a total game changer for me! She helped me reframe the way I saw and thought about myself, my students, my job, and my community so that I could combat burnout and demoralization (which is very common in my stressful career field). She also helped me find ways to support my students and families who had the most significant needs. She provided tools that have enabled me to navigate complex relationships with colleagues, students, parents, and administrators, etc. Her expertise, knowledge, and skill set are both diverse and impressive. She listens, seeks to understand, and is thoughtful about the way she responds to others. She is also extremely supportive, caring, and professional. Because of her help, I have been able to progress in my career and life in general, as well as find happiness along the way.



I had the opportunity to participate in a trauma informed educator workshop that lasted one year, led by Jess I initially signed up for this opportunity to improve my teaching ability, as I work with a high needs school. Thinking I would be benefiting my students, I quickly realized that I was given the opportunity to transform my own thinking and belief system towards something that would change my whole life for the better. The things I learned, the people I met, and the connections that were made will stay with me forever and it was all possible because of the wisdom and guidance we had within Jess. 10/10 would recommend ANYTHING she is involved in, even if it's just a cup of coffee.

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Robert Violano

Jessica Cleeves has been, and continues to be, a tremendous positive influence in my life. She has mentored me through new, difficult and uncomfortable situations in my professional life which allowed me to successfully reach some lofty goals. Jessica has also been there to help me discover the kind of person and teacher I really want to be. My partner often comments how different (in a good way) I have become since my many interactions with Jessica. She just has this amazingly calm, thoughtful, and understanding demeanor that I try to emulate. This, coupled with her extensive and varied background, has given Jessica this amazing ability to approach different situations with this seemingly bottomless tool bag of practical and empathetic ways of moving through something.
TL;DR Jessica Cleeves is amazing and I can 100% say I am a better person for having her mentorship.

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Phillipe Vanier

Jess is phenomenal. She was my instructor for two different courses. Her presence is calming and centering. Her subtle way of teaching and delivering information that could be considered controversial and/or sensitive is amazingly effective. Her genuine, honest and direct nature makes her perfect for providing well needed feedback and guidance. I recommend any service that she provides.

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Adam Beehler

Jessica Cleeves is an inspiring person. I had the opportunity to work with her in several capacities for about five years in an educational setting. She taught, guided, and inspired me as an individual. I was offered several activities to participate in where she was a valuable resource for me. Frankly, I do not think I would have been nearly as successful as I was without her encouragement and counsel. Not only is she competent, knowledgeable, and experienced; but she is sincere, thoughtful, and caring. I always felt like she was more interested in people than programs. Despite the fact that she had many duties and responsibilities, I always got the impression that she was genuinely interested in me. Jess is one of those special people that can help folks solve problems without being overbearing. She is able to build confidence and leave one feeling a sense of accomplishment. This seems to come naturally to her, yet I imagine she has honed this skill over many years of intentional effort. Thank you, Jess, for walking a few roads of this life with me!

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Brandy Valdez

Working with Jess over the last three years has been one of the best professional experiences of my life. Her ability to listen, generate ideas, and inspire me to improve my practice has helped me tremendously. I have grown so much as a leader in my practice because she has challenged me to dig deeper and see things more clearly. 

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I work with Learning Humans in a professional coaching capacity. I am an elementary school principal and this work has transformed my practice in many ways, specifically with how I understand and relate with the faculty and staff at the school. Interactions are more genuine and I am better able to see individual and collective brilliance in each human at the school. We've focused specifically on equity in the workplace using Jess' work. Again, such definitive and positive outcomes already. I have told many of my colleagues that I wish every school-based administrator could have access to this coaching opportunity. I'm looking forward to many more sessions and the growth that will result in more positive outcomes for our school.

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