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What Clients Say

Therapy works well when your therapist is a good fit.

Here are client perspectives to consider as you decide if working with Jess

is the right fit for you.

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Joey & Tanner

Jess Cleeves is, quite literally, a game changer! There's a lot I could highlight about Jess, but I think the important ones are: her approach to couples therapy is with the GOAL of not needing her one day. I've had other therapists in the past who only wanted my partner and I to communicate about things with them present, and that just didn't work. The foundation of how Jess practices is all about giving you and your partner the communication skills, and understanding of one another to be able to navigate tricky situations as they arise in any marriage. Her work is NOT for the faint of heart, but if both you and your partner are truly seeking to better your relationship, communication skills, and believe it or not, even heal each other from past traumas, then PLEASE INVEST THE TIME AND ENERGY into this process! I know I can speak confidently for myself, my husband, and my children that we are all better off because of Jess's influence in our lives. Thank you Jess!!!


Brandon & Mariko

My husband & I see her for couples therapy. We were on the cliff hanging on with our fingertips with divorce & she has helped us communicate & understand each other. In less than 6 months she helped us become a team again & a better one than we have ever been.  She is just amazing at seeing the core instead of focusing on all the “noise” that protects the core issue from ever being resolved.

White Marble


I would recommend Jess to anyone who feels stuck in negative and toxic patterns and relationships and doesn’t know how to get out, or couples on the verge of divorce and feel like there’s no hope. She helps you understand if there is hope or not and guide’s you along the way. Fortunately for me there was hope and I am very thankful for her!!!



I had a wonderful experience with Jess. My time with her was transformative for me. Aside from the excellent counseling I received during her sessions, she provided me resources and exercises almost every week. She is very knowledgeable and amazing at what she does. I really value the work we were able to accomplish together during my time with her.

B.C. & M.M.

Jess Cleeves is a true professional in every aspect. We have nothing but the best to say about our several months of couple's therapy. We gained skills and perspective that was always fair and unbiased. She is very intuitive and skilled in all of her modalitites. Highly recommend.


I had never been to therapy prior to meeting Jess but she made me feel so incredibly comfortable right off the bat. I have learned more things about myself in the last 7 months than I have in my entire life. I really can't believe how much I have grown as a person, a daughter, a sister, a friend, a partner. I'm sad to leave Salt Lake City because I will miss my time with Jess. But like she said so beautifully, "I was there to help you, help yourself." And that is exactly what she did. I highly recommend this incredibly warm, inviting, and intelligent woman to be apart of your healing journey.

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