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For Organizations

Jess has provided attuned, actionable organizational support and empowering professional development for years. If the offerings listed here don't meet your needs, feel free to reach out and request a bespoke talk or training.


Some of the organizations Jess' work has supported (not including schools/districts):

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1-3 hours

Trauma-Informed Pedagogy/Leadership

Utilize current neuroscience to understand small changes that lead to big impacts in learning and performance.

Ideal for: educators, administrators, business and non-profit leadership teams

1-3 hours

Basic Burnout Prevention

Understanding Burnout and its more harmful cousins Demoralization and Exploitation, and build robust practices and strategies for career longevity.

Ideal for: people engaging in helping professions (teachers, nurses, social workers, first responders)

15 hours

Behavioral Support for Burnout Prevention

This series supports participants to work through a series of exercises to build a burnout prevention plan based on their own individual needs and values. Course can meet weekly for 1 term or daily for 5 3-hour sessions. Graduate academic credit available for educators. Please schedule early, availability is limited.

Best for: people engaging in helping professions (teachers, nurses, social workers, first responders, public defenders, etc)


Team Coaching via Self Leadership

Utilize principles from Internal Family Systems for leadership that is grounded, humane, and impactful. Available for individual leaders or teams.

Best for: leaders (public, private, and non-profit)

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