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We are therapists who share more than a space; we share values and ethical commitments

to actively cultivate

community-supported excellence

and accessible, libertory healing.


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Accepting new clients!

Works well with:

2SLGBTQIA+ and/or BIPOC identities as well as trauma, sexuality, maternal mental health, anxiety, and/or depression.


Person-centered therapy allows people to lead their own journey. Somatic Therapy allows people to center their focus on their body to guide their healing. Strengths-based allows for people to notice their strengths when they can easily get overlooked.

Accepting new clients!

Works well with: adult clients who want to know themselves more intimately. My training has supported those navigating trauma, attachment wounds, and/or those who find difficulty in relationships. As an immigrant and Spanish speaker, I also really enjoy working with the Latinx and immigrant communities.


I am trained in EMDR. I find EMDR helpful in creating and processing trauma narratives and lowering the intensity of the felt-experience.

Somatic Therapy - There is so much wisdom held in the body and somatic practices helps us tap into that. I find it helpful for processing, regulating the central nervous system, and generating new insight that can be difficult to tap into through traditional talk therapy.

Internal Family Systems (IFS) - Invites us to examine different aspects of the self, including their roles and functions. IFS can help generate insight through a lens that invites curiosity, compassion, and honors parts of self (or behavior) for their attempts at survival.

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Accepting new couples!

Works well with:

Couples who love each other but don't know how to stop hurting each other.


I see couples as a system, and teach partners how to build expertise and caretaking capacity to make partnership a safe, rewarding experience.

I use my training in EMDR, IFS, and Somatic approaches that help partners process trauma to live (and love!) in the empowered present.

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