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This virtual workshop is designed to support couples, and can apply to any stage in a relationship.


Throughout our six weeks, we'll explore how different parts of our brain work, how our brains impact our experience in relationships, and how to set our relationships up for success with the brains we have.

  • Session 1: introduction to brain organization, relationship principles, and benefits of secure functioning partnership

  • Session 2: principles 1 & 10 - we prioritize each other and our connection

  • Session 3: principles 2 & 9 - we protect the relationship and make each other feel good

  • Session 4: principles 3 & 8 - our relationship is just and we are experts in each other

  • Session 5: principles 4 & 7 - we minimize each other's stress

  • Session 6: principles 5 & 6 - we are transparent, and repair quickly and well


Jess Cleeves, MAT LCSW, is the workshop facilitator.

Principles are based on the work of Stan Tatkin. Participants who want to learn about Stan's work can check out his book "Wired for Love," and the PACT Institute.


Can't make it for the entire time? No worries, sessions will be recorded, and the recordings will be available for 30 days after the session ends.


This virtual workshop will be a combination of direct instruction and participant activities (you'll do activities with your own partner, but won't interact with other couples through activities).


While each day will vary slightly, here's a general agenda:


Opening activity - 5 mins: micro-skill to strengthen your relationship

Direct instruction - 25 mins

Activity - 15 mins (couples engage in activity together in their own space, while muted)

Q&A - 15 mins


By workshop's end, each participating couple will leave with:

  • A brain organization model to help you understand your partner's behavior under stress

  • 10 personalized relationship principles to guide the relationship moving forward

  • 6 micro-skills to support effective day-to-day interactions

Program Cost

Tickets are $150-$350. All ticket types are for one couple, and include one 30-minute consultation with Jess per couple.

  • $150 both partners are students, helping professionals (nurses, first responders, social workers) or public school teachers.

  • $250 one partner is a student, helping professional, or an educator in any setting.

  • $350 standard workshop fee

If purchasing a ticket creates a hardship for you (hardship = impacting your housing, transportation, or food security), please reach out using the contact form to request additional sliding scale support.

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